Chemical Vapour Aluminising (CVA) & Isobaric Vapour Aluminising (IVA) (900- 1150ºC)

CVA & IVA units reactors primarily for aluminising of nickel superalloy turbine components. Siliconising and HF cleaning add-on modules are also available.
CVA units operate using an aluminium chloride source external to the reactor and are particularly suited for coating of internal passages of components.
IVA units operate the above pack coating process with a fluoride activator.
Systems are supplied with either pit or bell type furnaces.
Larger systems are supplied ‘double-pumped’ so that there is no pressure difference across the reactor hot wall.
Standard designs ranging from 500mm to 1000mm diameter & up to 2m high hot zones.

A second retort can be added to increase capacity.
Fully automatic PC & PLC based control systems are standard.
The vacuum pumping system has an integral exhaust gas-neutralising system.

Download Datasheets:
Aluvap440 VA1824 VA2436 IVA2736TL VA4070

Production Aluvap CVA Reactor