CVD has many industrial applications ranging from wear resistant coatings on steel tools to free-standing ceramic components.

Coating, Process and Application

TiN/TiC/Al2O3 - CVD - Wear resistant coatings on steel and carbide tools.
SiC - CVD - Protection of graphite parts in semiconductor processing and aerospace applications.
Si3N4 - CVD - High purity layers for crystal growing; surface improvement for ceramic engine parts.(amorphic or oc)
BN (hexagonal) - CVD - Free standing crucibles and boats for GaAs production.
Al/Cr - CVD - Diffusion aluminising and and chromising for nickel superalloy gas turbine parts.
ZnS/Se - CVD - Infra-red transmission meterial.
C (as graphite) - CVD - High temperature parts for electron tubes and atomic absorption spectrometers.
C (as carbon) - CVI - Carbon-carbon fibre composites for brake discs.
SiC - CVI - SiC-carbon-carbon fibre composites for rotating seals
GaAs - MOCVD - Doped epitaxial layers.
C (diamond like) - PACVD - Potential wear resistant coating; potential heat sink material in semiconductor devices.
Si3N4 (amorphous) - PACVD - Passive layers for semiconductor encapsulation.
W - CVD - Sputter resistant material for fusion power and semiconductor applications.
W2C/W3C - CVD - Wear resistant coatings for extrusion dies and rock drilling.