ATL participates in EU funded Framework R&D projects. We have a long & successful track record stretching back over 20 years.Projects successfully concluded in recent years include:
New technique for the deposition of protective aluminide coatings on the internal surfaces of complex cooled industrial turbine blades.
Contract No. BRPR.CT95-0060 - Project No. BE95-1146
A New Process to Improve Gas Turbine Engine Performance by Thermal Barrier Coating Technology
Contract No. BRPR CT98 0733 - Project No BE97 4634
Modified Al and PtAl Diffusion Coatings with improved oxidation and thermomechanical fatigue life - Contract N° G4RD-CT-2000-00319

Development of innovative nanocomposite coatings for magnesium casting protection.
Contract N°: G1RD-CT2002-00692 - Project N°: GRD1-2001-40548