High Temperature – Low Pressure CVD (1000 -2200ºC)

HT-LP Units have a cold vacuum chamber with an internal all-graphite heater system capable of operating up to 2200ºC in a halide atmosphere.

Systems can do either CVD to produce full density ceramic coatings from a few microns thick up to 1mm or more, or Chemical vapour infiltration (CVI) to produce ceramic matrix composite materials with high final densities.

Used particularly for the production of pyrolytic graphite, boron nitride, silicon carbide & silicon nitride.

Fully automatic PC & PLC based control systems are standard.
Standard designs ranging from 150mm to 2000mm diameter & up to 2.5m high hot zones.

The vacuum pumping system has an integral exhaust gas-neutralising system.

Download datasheets:

HT510 HT2031 HT2439 HT3242 HT5159

HT5394 Production SiC CVD/CVI Reactor