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Who we are

Since its establishment in 1980 ATL has had a focussed objective of solving the most challenging complex challenges using Chemical Vapour Deposition and related processes, either in isolation or combination with other processes to create complex hybrid materials.    Rather than focus on a particular sector, material, or on a particular part of solving the problem ATL quickly realised that to best meet its mission it needed to become expert in both R&D and systems engineering, using transferrable skills.  


Led by two directors with complementary skills and a lifetime dedicated to solving coating challenges the small team now has the depth and breadth of experience to address the full array of material requirements from earliest R&D to full system implementation.  Many of our customers have been with us for much of our history and we are proud to have grown and developed with our customers’ needs and ambitions.

Management Owned, Client Focussed

Solving highly technical coating challenges requires a team approach with a wide range of different skills and capabilities.   Being owned and led by our directors, Calvin and John, means we are able to have an unwavering commitment to solving your coatings challenges throughout the full development lifecycle.


Our History

ATL, or Archer Technicoat Ltd as it was originally known, was established in 1980 by Nick Archer.  Nick started the company after working as a researcher at the Fulmer Research Institute where he had developed an extensive knowledge of CVD related processes.  


He was managing director until his retirement in 2006.  John Yeatman has worked his entire career at ATL, undertaking most roles within the company before taking over as managing director in 2006.


Calvin Prentice returned in 2005 and became technical director in 2006, after previously working with the company from 1986-1989.  ATL has been director owned and managed except from 1988-1995 when it was owned by Morgan Crucible.   In recent years the company has grown significantly, finding an international market for its mix of R&D, small scale production and systems engineering.

Our Heritage

Throughout its history ATL has been at the forefront of developing new CVD related coatings for extreme environments across a range of industries, including the development of coatings and processes in the fields of aerospace, space, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion and more.

Based on this exceptional experience ATL has been able to work with some of world’s leading engineering companies, such as GA and GE in the US, and partner with engineering firms such as IHI Bernex in Switzerland, and HHV in India.   From its base 30km from Heathrow Airport, ATL has a global presence working some of the world’s leading engineering firms within its area of expertise.

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