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Coating Rocket Thruster Engines to Take Man to Mars


As we look to push the boundaries of human exploration and efficacy in an evolving world innovative and integrated material solutions and technologies are required. The project undertaken will develop these solutions via performance enhancing coatings applicable across a multitude of sectors and industries operating in some of the most demanding high temperature and corrosive environments; rocket thruster engines to take man to mars, spaceplanes to revolutionise transportation and corrosion resistant materials to enhance manufacturing capabilities.

The Approach Taken

Through an iterative process of deposition process definition, practical trials and analysis, the project will optimise the production, and performance of, coatings by chemical vapour deposition. Deposition techniques will be refined to produce products capable of withstanding some of the harshest operating environments. Mechanical properties will be analysed and evaluation of performance in representative operating conditions such as rocket thruster firing and installation in chemical processing plants conducted.

The project will enhance the understanding of deposition technologies and its impact on coating performance. It will enable optimised production of components exportable worldwide via a knowledge base and manufacturing capability applicable to many high value markets. The techniques will provide the sponsor with exploitable products having economic benefits to the UK surface engineering sector and potential job creation. The project also aims to have environmental benefits through material reuse and recycling.

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