Ideas are the most precious thing.  Breathe life into your idea with our CVD Innovation Expertise.  

Process Research and Development,  Systems Design and Engineering, Grant and Finance Procurement 

Innovative solutions 

to your coating challenges


With a 40 year track record ATL are internationally acknowledged leaders in creating innovative coating solutions. We have solved challenges for a global customer base using over 40 CVD materials for multiple industries and we are equipped to develop solutions across the CVD periodic table   

And we put all this CVD expertise into practice - drawing on our R&D experience we have engineered and installed over 50 turnkey CVD systems around the world.

Whatever your stage of development we offer a full solutions lifecyle drawing on deep experience and proven methodologies applied to cutting edge materials for ground breaking applications.



What can we do for you?

Process Research and Development

  • 40 years’ experience across multiple industries

  • In-house process optimisation and modelling 

  • Commercial and state funded projects

  • Scale-up from lab to full size

  • Materials analysis

  • Low volume production

Systems Design and Engineering

  • 40 years’ experience of systems engineering 

  • World renowned experts in CVD

  • In-house design, manufacture and test

  • Worldwide support

Grant and Finance Procurement

  • Extensive experience of successful grant application

  • Consortium and standalone, with multiple agencies

  • Market appraisal and risk analysis

  • Business planning assistance

I would like to express my thanks to you and your colleagues for carrying out these tests.  They have shed quite a bit of light already on the reactivity of the type of materials tested in the chlorosilane environment.     

Hemlock Semiconductor, USA


Nearly 30 years after the 1st edition, the HT-CMC international Conference attracts a growing number of attendees. Indeed, the Ceramic-Matrix Composites are high-tech, cutting edge materials, and they bring the attention of scientists and engineers upon many aspects of their processing, structure, properties, applications. Technological challenges are frequently related to more fundamental materials science & engineering issues.

22nd-26th September 2019, Bordeaux, France

HT-CMC 10th International conference

MRE 2020 is taking place on the 19th & 20th February 2020 at the Business Design Centre, London.  The event will be a showcase for ground-breaking new materials and their manufacturing process. With the ultimate goal being to accelerate the process of bringing these innovations to the commercialisation stage.

The event is organised by Innovate UK & the Knowledge Transfer Network. MRE 2020 will be a two-day exhibition and conference which will showcase the wealth of UK materials research and investment opportunities.

19th-20th February 2020, London, UK

Materials Research Exchange 2020

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